In Review – JUNE

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No idea of the amount of rainy days this past month has seen…

Another month gone by so quickly again!  It seems that time drags by when I’m in Uni, the holidays can’t come quick enough but now I’m on holiday it seems that the months are passing too quickly!

My favourite posts of the month are (in order of most recent to oldest…)

1) Circles Project – Week 3 (  I liked the photos that I had taken for this post and that I have not centered totally on the circles within the frame.  There is something a lot more subtle about the photos and I may start to play around more with showing the “circles” in situ rather than zooming in on them and making the image totally about the item.

2) Nature (  This is my favourite image I have taken so far, and it happened quite by chance.  I love the detail on the bee and the colours of the image.  I’d love to take more photos like this! 😀

3) Interrupted – Uni Summer Project Wk 1 and Wk 2(, ) I’m glad I have finally started to get this project off the ground and am now playing round with ideas that I have had and seeing how they come out.  There will be more of these to come!

4) Weekend Project – The Garden! (  I was pleased to start doing weekend projects and starting to play around with my cameras and film again, and I’m really pleased with the results of my first weekend project!  I originally spoke of these “Weekend Projects” being day projects as it only takes a day to shoot images but decided to make them into weekend projects as I needed to get the images printed and scanned in to the computer to upload and that can take a few days!

5) Cards… (  As I said in the post, I haven’t done any card or scrap booking for so long and it was nice to start-up making things again!  And for such a good cause too!  I had forgotten how relaxing I find card making and am aiming to make more to sell!

Things to work on in July…

1) The amount of posts I make!  I was aiming for a post a day but after having some image upload issues that have continued I was slightly put off as I got so frustrated!  I am going to try to post more this month and catch up with everything!

2) Uni Projects.  It is all well and good having ideas but it would be a good idea for me to put them into practice and make more images instead of thinking about them!  I have a tendency to over think something and then not do anything about it so in future I shall start doing as I think and maybe I shall get further along than I am! I have a few ideas that would be good to write down and start working on, especially one for the Interrupted project that I am working on!

3) Circles Project.  As above really!  I have a few ideas that I want to work on, including one that moves away from photography and into printing but that is going to be kept for another post!

4) Weekend Projects.  I have loved doing the first weekend project and am going to be working on another one this weekend so hopefully there will be more images to share soon!  My only problem is deciding which camera to use next!  I’d love to use my medium format cameras (my Holga TLR and Kodak Box Brownie TLR) but have not got around to purchasing colour film yet.  Or finding out if I can get it processed in Asda.

5) Working on my Bucket List (  I am not sure how many things I have done on my Bucket List so far but I’m sure an update is a good idea!

Interrupted – Week 2

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I took these after I had been interrupted from drinking my coffee by a knock at the door.  I have not edited these yet but have a few ideas of how to use the image, one in a similar way to how Andy Warhol presented his screen prints to us.

A few of these images I am not totally happy with as the lighting seems a bit off and funny shadows have been cast across the mug but it is an idea that I can take further and also re-shoot if needs be.  I’m not sure if I would want to re-shoot though as the whole reason these photos came to be was through an interruption, not just in the sense of illustration purposes but as I had actually been interrupted.  The photos seem to carry more weight to me as what I’m trying to capture is an interruption.

Interrupted – Uni Summer Project Wk 1

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These are the first “test” shots that I have taken for one of my Uni Summer Project ideas.  I wanted to capture moments where interruption has taken place.  This was a staged shot, taken in my living room while playing about with the idea.  I’m not yet sure whether I want to use 35mm film to take these photos or whether to stick with digital for the moment.  I think it may be easier (as I’m not going to be able to dev and print my own work until uni is back open) to stick with digital for this project.  I have been teaching myself Photoshop (CS3) and feel that I can develop py skills further by using digital for this project.


Uni Summer Project

I never like to discuss a theme for my work on here until I am certain of the subject myself and have thought of a few ideas that could be used to form part of my work.  I did, loosely, explain my ideas in this post, but didn’t let on the topics I was thinking about covering.

The first idea that I have is about beauty and how society has warped and changed that idea, from models being airbrushed and body shapes being changed, to the use of plastic surgery to change how someone looks.  what is wrong with how we look with out the enhancements made by these procedures?  Who says that the way we are naturally, is not beautiful?  Who says that skinny has to equal beauty?  I know that there are people out there who are trying to change those ideas but is it happening?  I read this article ( in the Guardian which has provided some ideas of what I can do with this project.

The other idea I had was about documenting interruptions.  I get interrupted from what I am doing on a daily basis, sometimes hourly, sometimes by myself creating those interruptions (like my thoughts drift away from what I am doing, I start daydreaming, stop what I am doing to check my phone/social networking sites/blogs, make coffee, etc…) or sometimes by others (texts, phone calls, talking, someone knocking the door).  I had the idea to try to illustrate those interruptions, no matter how big or small and create something using those illustrations.

I am still working throught the ideas in my head and thinking about where to take either or both of these ideas.

Uni Summer Project – Review

As you know I have not been too keen on using my personal project (Circles) for my uni project but have been persevering with it anyway.  Until now….  An idea (or 2!!!) came to me the other day which are now beginning to formulate in my head into solid ideas that I can work on and explore for the Summer Project.  One is about interruptions in daily life and the other idea I have had is challenging an ideal or norm in society.   I have a few ideas of how I want to work my ideas but need to do some research before taking too many photos of the same thing and loosing inspiration.  I have an idea of who I’d like to look at artist wise too which has never happened before, usually I start with an idea and work on it and then do research, then look at artists and see what other people have done but as I said in my post (here you don’t always need to go about things in a set way, everything is interchangeable and, for me, this way feels like the best and most natural way for this project to progress at the moment!