Handmade Business Cards

After creating my mini portfolio from an unused Filofax binder I decided to make some matching business cards that I could give out to prospective clients.  I decided to go down the handmade route as I wanted to be able to showcase my work and my creativity too and for the cards to stand out from others and be memorable.

I started off by printing my images onto photo paper as a contact sheet and cutting them down to size. I then mounted the images onto black cardstock and cut them out with scissors leaving a small edge around the image.  I mounted these images onto unused black and white 35mm film – the use of this was to add texture while linking the images to photography and what I do – it shows my job role even before the reciever reads the blurb on the card.  I then cut some black cardstock to size using a guillotine and typed up what information I wanted on my business card – I included my business email, mobile number, blog and Facebook page.  I left off my etsy and Instagram, deciding that if the reciever was that interested and went to any of the sites mentioned they could soon find the rest of my sites.  I duplicated the information enough times for the amount of cards I needed using word on the PC and printed it all out on normal white paper.  I then cut the information out and stuck the information for the back of the card to the cardstock already cut.  I then added the prepared images of my work and decided where to place them on the front of my cards along with the the front information.  I decided to make each card slightly different and unique.



A Portfolio For my Work

I have been thinking about ways in which to show my work to people in the flesh – not on my phone screen, but actual printed images so they can get a full idea of my work and how it should be viewed.  While I am a fan of sharing my work on social media it’s not how I envisage my work to be seen long term.

I decided that I wanted to make a portfolio for my work to go in which I could then take with me places and show people what I actually do but…it needed to be transportable, fit in most of the bags I own, look neat and tidy, professional, easy to add to or change the works I want to carry around and be durable – not a lot to ask is to?  I first thought about a ringbinder A4 is pretty portable but I ruled that one out fairly quickly as I don’t always want to or need to carry a huge bag around with me, plus they can get fairly heavy with stuff in them, not to mention the corners seem to get beaten up and mangled fairly quickly too.  I then had a look at some things on the Internet (I googled small art portfolio) which came up with various zip up folders with handles and straps and all sorts of other get up, again these were nice but not what I was looking for – they were all a bit big and clumsy.  Then I stumbled upon this article http://drawpj.com/make-a-portable-art-promotion-portfolio/ which sounded perfect to me! I have several Filofax binders varying in size from mini to A5 that are sat around not doing much but looking pretty and getting admired (by myself) several times a week.  I decided to see what I could do with one of them.

I chose the smallest binder I had – a mini Classic (Cross) Filofax in French navy (which I love but has proven too small for me to use as a diary/personal organiser – I much prefer a personal sized one). I removed the diary and other sections in it and measured the pages, used some black card stock and cut it to the size of the removed pages, hole punched the card with a single hole punch, then worked out what size I would need to print my images out to best fit the card pages I had made.  Once the image size was chosen and images printed onto my chosen photo paper I then cut the images out using a guillotine (for nice straight, crisp edges).  I then mounted the images onto the black card pages and placed them into the binder! I’m super pleased with how it turned out!  Unfortunately, it hadn’t occurred to me to take images through this process (but will when I start adding more images to it) but here are a few of the finished article!










I’ve been MIA recently but that doesn’t mean I have not been creating art.  This series, below, is something I have been working on for a few months now.

I have been out and about, walking with the dog most nights, and now the nights are lighter and longer I have been exploring more of the area I live in.  I am lucky enough to live right next to an old railway line that has now become a tarmac’d pavement for cycling and walking which links where I live to the village further up.  The walk from my house to there is roughly 5km in one direction, 10km there and back which is enough to tire my dog out!  The path takes you through woodland and over a few bridges with the river running below, next to fields of sheep and horses and under old railway bridges.  The walk is fairly diverse and clambers upward, though not steeply.  Off the paths there are walks which take you up into woodland meadows that, at certain times of the year are full of different flowers which fill the air with different scents.  It’s the flowers and natural elements I see in these walks which inspired this series of images.

I have not been using a fancy camera, these images were taken on my iPhone 6 and edited with software on my phone.  I chose to “colour pop” elements in the image to enhance the subject and bring the viewers full attention to it.  The colour is what drew me to the subjects in the first instance, in a sea of differing green shades, the pinks, yellows, whites all grabbed my attention and I wanted to replicate that in my series.

The images are for sale from my Facebook page (Peering At Pictures Photography) currently they are priced at £25 framed and £15 as the print only.


Images from my Phone

I may seem to have been absent for a few months but my mind is working on some interesting art, some of the “scrap book” images that I am intending to base my outcomes on were captured on my phone camera.  I used the iphone 6 camera to capture these images between fall and winter 2015.



I have always loved autumn, if not for anything more than the crisp, fresh feeling air and the abundance of colour emitted from the turning leaves that fall onto the paths and adorn the grassed areas near where I work.  I feel so lucky to work somewhere that I can see these things daily.


And when winter creeps in I am blessed to see the sunrise over the mountains and valleys that rise and fall as part of my daily commute and welcome me to work in the frosty mornings.


And this last image, taken by Spencer Tunick in 2010 at the Big hill festival, I recently found this in a tidying up festival that I am currently on.  I never thought I could or would, be able to partake in something so crazy/beautiful ever.  But here’s proof… btw…I was yellow!  On a side note – yellow body paint gets everywhere!  Your skin sucks it up like moisture dropped onto the Sahara Desert then proceeds to sweat it out over the coming months and wrecks so many clothes!  Its advisable to wear dark clothing for a while after the experience and to c=shower regularly!

In the time…

In the time that I have not been on here and blogged about my art a great deal has happened…

  • I have been looking after my own puppy Roxy and my step daughters puppy (Roxy’s brother) Rolo
  • I have become unemployed from my temporary (but brilliant job) as a Pensions Officer ( the position of which I was in for a year)
  • Been a stay at home puppy mum for 2 months
  • had my step daughter and her best friend come and live with me
  • Got a job in Cardiff
  • Graduated from my Level 2 beauty course
  • then became permanently employed in an amazing job 5 mins away from my home
  • gone to many, many festivals, both the music kind and Volkswagen kind
  • Became a single residency household again (with 2 puppies)
  • saw Rolo be re-homed
  • and still be crafting if not blogging… where do I find the time between a 9 – 5 job, puppy care and face timing my O/H each night?


I have some blog posts up my sleeve which are ready to be shared.  you see, I have come down with a virus which has left me feeling hot, then cold, coughing, sneezing and a nose that feels like its about to implode or explode and I’m now off work until I’m well.  So I have an excuse to share with you what I have been up to…

in the mean time…here’s a pic of my sleepy Roxy for you!!!  🙂


expect to see …

  • adult colouring – both paper and mobile phone based
  • a scrap book which is coming together nicely
  • images which I have taken (phone and camera wise!!!!)
  • some makes I have been working on
  • and things I am into at the moment art wise!!!

I’m planning on posting tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled!!!

Projects in the Pipeline…

I have been exploring some ideas about projects that I have lined up for the future and how I want to execute them and so far have a few that see me returning to photography another that will possibly be produced in a drawing format and one that may include elements of collage and embellishment.

The first project I am keen to start on revolves around memories, a subject that my final piece for my Foundation Art degree focussed on, and will see thoughts and ideas developed from that project getting pushed further forward. (the posts for this original work can be found here and here ) However, after doing a bit of thinking about the final outcome I would like, what format would suit the subject, what I am trying to portray and the direction I would like to take this project in, I have decided that I’d like to create images via photographic means.  I would ideally like to shoot with 35mm film in black and white but have lost the facility to develop and print my own images, and sending off film to be developed can be pretty slow, I think I may use a digital camera to take my images and then use editing software to get the right feel for the image.

The other photography project I am thinking about is to do with self portraits and self-representation, again drawing on previous projects…this one drawing from research that I undertook toward the beginning of my Insta Rips and Anti Social Media degree project.  I want to investigate further, what constitutes a self-portrait, if they are a fair representation of ourselves and if there are other means of self-representation that are more true to our person.  I have already decided that I would like to use photography as my means of image capture as it is the means we now seem to favour when creating a self-portrait over painting and drawing.  I am considering using my phone for this project in order to share freely my images on social media in order to gain feedback and ask questions of the viewer and their perception of the image.

A spin-off from the self-portrait/representation that I have been thinking about is to do with personal information, the data that follows us around and is part of us and our digital make up, whether it be a PIN for a bank card, e-mail address, phone number, passwords, all the information which can be traced back to us.  I am thinking about creating a mixed-media piece for this, but at the moment I’m still working through the very basic ideas of the project.

The other main photography project I am keen to start is using the images I already have printed and adding detail to them using embellishments, whether that be glitter, lace, buttons or pieces of newspaper to add texture, interest and depth to the image.  I have already selected several images that I am wanting to use to experiment with this idea and should be sharing these shortly!  🙂

If you want to see behind the scenes images of what I am up to and other things I have been doing, head over to my Instagram !