My Final Piece as a FAMD Student

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We set up this at the beginning of the week for the exhibition which started today , the opening night!  I have kept much of this work under wraps as I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone who may have been going to see it but now I can reveal the last part of it…  So here goes, let me know what you think!

How to Get Started

A friend asked me the other day about how to get started with art as he had been inspired by my writings and enthusiasm for all things arty.  My honest answer would be that I didn’t really know for sure but I’m willing to give a few pointers to those who have never considered themselves creative.

I think that the main thing is to have fun and express yourself in new ways.  In some respects it helps to become almost child-like in the way you view the world and things around you.

Carry a sketch pad with you wherever you go, A4 is a good size but use an A5 one if it is more convenient, whether you use this to write in, like a diary, stick things in, record a journey, draw in, doodle on, just make a start, you never know where inspiration may come from.

Do something that you are interested in, for example, if you are good with computers then look at creating something digitally, take photographs of anything and everything and do something with them in Photoshop perhaps?

If you like making things then why not try to recreate something using other materials – a leaf out of paper mache?

Play around, do what feels natural, copy a famous piece by someone else but recreate it using coloured match sticks?

Research other artists and their work, it helps to see how they have created something and get ideas for your own piece (the piece I wrote about books should be somewhat useful…he-art-student/ ).

And, probably the most important, research your subject.  I never thought I would say this but it’s been so important and the basis of all my works.  Find out all you can on the subject, every little detail, it will all count in the end.  Make drawings of the subject, record the colours associated with the subject, any slightest detail you may see or feel, record it, it may be important for the end piece.  Basically, make like a forensic detective and gather information.  Use your sketch book to record all the information and then think about what you want to do with it and how you will progress to produce your final piece.  You should find the process natural and enjoyable.  Don’t get frustrated, if you do then just stop and breathe, read a book, listen to music, do something that relaxes you, then go back to it.  You may have no idea of how you want the final piece to turn out but the fun is in the exploring.  Explore all avenues before making your mind up.  You may think you want to produce a series of drawings as your final piece when you start out but by the end make a huge abstract sculpture from Panda Poo… ( ) It really doesn’t matter.


and don’t forget to be proud of what you create…(and post your art below!)