Research for Projects

I’ve not really done much research for my projects yet as I really have only now come up with ideas that I’m happy with for my uni summer projects.  However, the subjects I have chosen , one has been documented in the media so much recently that I think I shall be using the articles as a source of initial research, then looking at artists/photographers who have chosen a similar theme to my work to look at and get some ideas from, whether they be ideas for photos, set up, lighting, presentation or just to see their take on the theme and subject.

The other idea I have had is going to be a bit more difficult to research as it is just a theme, an idea which is very loose and generalised.  I know what I want to take photos of and how which is useful and I’m sure I have seen some photographers work that, although isn’t on the same theme or idea as mine I wouldn’t mind looking at for presentation ideas (but…I can’t remember his/her name!!!)

Studio Book Work – Selection Module

Here are some of the pages from my last Studio Book and my current one for you to see!  I thought it would be helpful to look at so you can see the kinds of things that I look at when conducting research and development into my projects and ideas.

The photos include work from Workshops that were held over a 2 week period and also projects lasting the same amount of time starting with “Higgeldy Piggeldy”, “Location” and “Mechanisms”.  I have used different kinds of recording methods, as you can see from the photographs, from drawings, notes, collage,  photographs, print-outs leaf rubbings etc.  I have created books of information that encourage interaction within the pages, notably in the location project where I made numerous leaf rubbings and took several photographs.  I always find that displaying the work in this way encourages me to interact more with the data collected and helps me visualise and formulate ideas for my final pieces.  On my”Location” project I also included an evaluation of my work as I felt that it could have been better if undertaken in a different month.  Any notes that you feel relevant should be put in your Studio Book to help you along your way.

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Essential Books for the Art Student

Following on from my post about Art Essentials is this, a post about my essential collection of art books…

1) The Art Book

2)The 20th Century Art Book

3) Cream

4) Fresh Cream

5) Cream3

6) Ice Cream

(all by Phaidon, available on

The above are an A-Z of well-known artists, or up and coming artists whose work has contributed to the art scene greatly.  In the “Cream” series of books up and coming artists or sometimes re-emerging artists work is featured that is interesting.  It’s worth looking through these books just to see what artists have done out of interest.

7) Beauty In Decay (Urbex)  Is a book that has many photographs of different buildings all in a state of decay, from buildings in Chernobyl to disused factories.  The works in here are beautiful to look at and inspirational.  They make you want to go out and find a disused building to go into and photograph.  Some of the images are altered slightly, the images curved, the perspective skewed and it makes me want to play around with software to create my own images that seem to have a magical quality.

8) The Contemporary Art Book (Charlotte Bonham Carter and David Hodge, printed by Goodman)  this is another compilation book, one that I have leaned on heavily in my research into modern-day artists and sculptors.  It is a book I don’t think I will ever tire of and one that every time I open I seem to find something new to look at, something I didn’t notice before.

9) The 1000 Journals Project (by Someguy)  I just really like this book and the idea behind it.  I don’t think I should give too much away about it, only that if you see a copy in a bookshop, buy it.  It will keep you mesmerised and interested for hours.  This book hasn’t lent itself to any of my projects but when I flick through the pages when I hit a “mind-blank” it seems to get me going again.  I think I owe myself and some of my projects completion to this book.  and I wish I could have taken part in such an amazing experiment!  (more info see because I’m not saying any more…)

So, that’s it, another “Essentials” list.  These are books I turn to for inspiration, research and just for pure enjoyment.  From these books I have discovered new artists that I like, they have aided my research, and I have gained more knowledge about the works I like but have yet to see in person.  It doesn’t matter if you buy these books or lend them from the local library but whatever you do, go out and grab one to have a flick through, find someone/something new that you like, discover a new technique to try or a way of improving.  Looking at these books has helped me so much I can’t begin to explain enough.