Circles Project – Week 3

This week I took photos of objects found in my allotment.  It made me realise how many objects are designed with a circular structure in mind.  I want to explore circles in design and structure further and think that my research should follow this path now.  I remember in school doing a project on castles and why a lot of them had curved corners as it strengthened the building when it was under attack.

I am also looking at cycles, such as the life cycle, water cycle etc, as part of my inspiration for this project.  Also circles as symbols, such as in religion and magic and in history.

**I’d like to make an apology about the photos in this blog entry, I have been experiencing problems when uploading the photos and am not sure why, I did edits to them but they have not been uploaded.  I also had difficulty in uploading the photos as they were.  I have no idea why.  So apologies for the photos, I know some of them have come out a bit dark and all that but I have had to upload the unchanged images.**

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