Circles Project – Week 2

I should have posted this on Tuesday, done a post on Wednesday and one yesterday but one thing and another kinda prevented me from doing so (lack of sleep, not coming home til late, the sun, sunburn, making things (which is an entirely different post…))  Anyway, its being posted now which is probably better late than never!

This week I have taken more photos for you to see of circles that can be found in and around the home.  I still have no concrete plans of how I want to continue with this project just yet as I’m not sure where it will lead me and what I may discover along the way.  This project is in its early stages and is an exploration into circles and why they fascinate me.


Anyway, the photos (I haven’t edited these, I figured I would just show the photos that I’m happy with for the time being and edit once I have “completed” the project)…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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