Summer Bucket List

It occurred to me earlier that everything I have planned that I have talked about on here revolves around uni nad photos.  I really do have other things I want to try to do this summer while I’m off so I have compiled a list, in no particular order…

1) Create some new scrapbook pages.  I can’t remember the last time I did some scrapbooking and have a whole pile of photos, new and old, that I want to make pages for.  I found all my 12″x12″papers yesterday and had forgotten about how lovely they all were.  I think I will start working on layouts later this week/early next week and start pairing up photos with the papers I want to use.

2) Make some new cards.  Again, this is something I used to do ALL the time but since starting uni I haven’t really made any.  It would be nice to make some to sell or just to give away to friends and family.  I really hate buying shop bought cards as they can be too impersonal and the wording not quite right.  And there is nothing nicer than receiving a hand-made/crafted card either.

3) Make more jewellery.  I have been making jewellery on and off for years and recently purchased a lovely load of glass beads from Hobbycraft which I really want to use to make some lovely bracelets with.  I also want to use some of the beads that I forgot I had (they re-surfaced when sorting my craft room for moving the other day…).

4) Sort out/finish moving my craft room.  As you probably know from this post ( I am moving my craft room from the dining room to one of my spare bedrooms.  I havent yet got much further with any of it apart from getting rid of the spare bed and a chest of drawers and matching wardrobe.  I really need to go through all the craft materials I have and work out what I want to keep and what can go and work from it that way.  At the moment I am moving everything bit by bit upstairs and then sorting it out.  It would also help if I went and bought the storage items I needed and got them up!

5) Sew more Sock Monkeys!  This is fun and simple and I started off making sock monkeys from a kit my friend bought me for my birthday.  I want to make more so I can have a craft stall somewhere and sell them along with jewellery and cards.  It has been something I have wanted to do for ages, and now, with such a long summer holiday starting I can use the time to create some!

6) Paint a canvas.  No idea what I want to paint onto a canvas but in my Foundation year I created a tree on canvas and really enjoyed doing it so I would like to make something else and have that on a wall somewhere.

7) Do something ‘Crafty’ with my photos.  I have tons and tons of photos on the computer that rarely get seen so I would like to print them out and create some kind of artwork using them.

8) Find a way of displaying my old photos.  This one is relatively simple, I have seen so many different, inexpensive ways of displaying old photos, I just need to decide which would work for mine and go for it.  At the moment I store all of mine in a shoe-box which is a shame as I’d really like them to be out.

9) Go to an exhibition.  Not for uni work, but because I want to go.  I really, REALLY want to go to the Damien Hirst one in London’s Tate.

10) Go somewhere I have never been before.  Now I can drive I want to go somewhere I have never been before and be a tourist for the day.  I want to experience the feeling of never seeing a place before and try to capture the essence of the place through photos and other media.  I want to explore!

11) Read at least 3 books over the summer.  I love reading and during term time I don’t seem to read that much so this one should be easy to do.

12) Visit friends more often.  Again, I can drive now and have more time so it would be nice to catch up with friends over the holidays for chats and cuppas and enjoy being with them.

13) Bake things.  So I can take them when I visit friends.  I love baking but it seems to be one of those things I rarely do anymore.

14) Work on the project for the Boyfriends birthday.  I can’t say what it is (he may read this..) but I do have until september to perfect it and get it completed!!! If I get it completed by then I will share what it is and share some photos of it too!!!

15) Create something using a frame.  I have seen frames full of things from plants to seeds to pencils and crayons.  I want to create some kind of “memory frame” that holds things that are precious and hold memories for me.

16) Organise my collections.  I have so many collections of things and they are not all kept together in categories or anything, they seem to be scattered around the house, whatever it may be, jewellery, nail varnish, sequins.  Organising them and keeping them together would be a good thing!

17) Take more “film” photographs.  I have several film cameras, 35mm and 120mm film ones.  I love film and the cameras and I need to start using them as much as I use my digital camera.  I love handling actual photos once they have come back from the developers, they become actual objects, not a computer file saved away on a hard drive somewhere.  And I like being able to do things with the actual images.  (ooh, this could tie in with my scrapbooking…)

18) Have fun.  If I don’t get half of this done, or none at all, so long as whatever I have done has been enjoyed and been fun then I think I will probably have achieved something along the way!

Oh, and I suppose 19), carry on blogging, and try to blog once a day!

4 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

  1. The Thrifty Queen says:

    I love your list! I just may need to create a list of things for myself to accomplish this summer. Your list looks like it contains a bunch of things that I would also like to do!!

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