Please Excuse The Mess…

But I’m moving rooms!

As promised from my last post, and you will have to bear in mind that this is a work in progress (and a bigger project than I originally thought…), the photos I have taken of my spare room transforming to my craft/work space.

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I need a large desk/workbench so I’m busy coming up with ideas of how to make one using some kitchen worktop combined with storage space for all my craft supplies.  I like to be able to have whatever project I’m working on all laid out in front of me so I can see how it is all coming together and also as I like to do several things at the same time so I need space for cutting, glueing and painting, I find that it is time-saving and I can move from one part of a project to another easily which keeps my train of thought flowing.

I have been looking at the epedit range from Ikea ( and have one of their storage systems already.  I like that the depth of the shelving units is big enough to hold books without any overhang and there is enough space on the shelves to display several items quite easily without having to compromise space.  The other thing I like about Ikea furniture is that you can buy add-ons such as drawers and storage boxes that fit with what you already have, meaning you can buy the unit you want and storage that suits you, and you have the option of hiding unsightly things or stuff you don’t want on show.

I also like their lighting range ( the desk lamps are so handy and nice!

I think a trip to Ikea may be in order soon and I can’t wait to get my work space sorted!  Its going to be nice to be able to have a designated area to work in and make a mess and be able to shut the door on it whenever I need a break! It will beat the lounge coffee table and having to tidy everything away all the time!

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