A New Craft Space

Today, though I should be working on the ending of my project and how it is to be displayed, I have instead been clearing out my spare room and starting to turn it into a designated work space. The spare bed and mattresses are going and I have started to pack up my craft stuff that currently resides in the front (dining room!). I can not believe how much clutter and rubbish I have accumulated over the space of 3 years in the dining room! (or the clutter in the bedroom for that matter!) I can not wait to have all my stuff in one designated space and be able to just shut the door on it when I don’t want to work any more. It will be nice too, to be able to re-claim the front room for its original purpose and be able to sit and have meals in there without having to look at my works in progress! I just need, now, to decide on what furniture I need and how to get everything I need filed away neatly and, more importantly, within reach and with easy access! I will post some photos soon of how it is all coming along! (Hopefully I shall be able to get some taken later, after the bed is picked up!!!!)

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