I have been given a new brief to work on over the Easter holidays and have been struggling to find a way to “insert” my original idea into the outlined project requirements until I realised I needed to take a step back and stop trying to ram the wrong pieces into the right agenda.  I had to take a giant leap, almost, and came to the conclusion that I couldn’t make the outlined brief fit what I wanted to do and had been approaching the whole thing wrong.  So, armed with a cuppa and a sun lounger, I placed myself in the garden and set about de-constructing what was being asked of me.  It did involve a terrible amount of procrastination on my part, and a heck of a lot of time day dreaming but I think I may have finally conceived a somewhat mad looking and often illegibly written “spider diagram/thought bubbles/mind map/thingy” that to me passes as the beginnings of an idea!!!!  I had to sit down and re-read the brief, un-pick it (every term, word, meaning), think about it, put my own slant/ideas/meaning to it and now have something I can work to and should become a reference further down the line.

I didn’t like the brief to start, that I didn’t understand it was the biggest problem but I have overcome that one.  But now I have made the effort to understand, it seems like there is a lot I could do with it but only one thing that I think will work which I shall see through to the end(!!!!).  I like the project brief as we get to use digital images and manipulate them, present it any way we want and there is also a part where we get to fabricate some work to enhance the images we make (be it sculpture, books, whatever is appropriate to what we are producing!!!)  and I can’t wait!  I think this project is the most ambitious one we have received so far and I’m a little daunted by it, there seems so much to do or that could be done and not so much time to do it in but I will follow-up with how it is all getting along soon!

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