A New Project

So, I have finished my Foundation in Art and am now currently doing a degree in Photographic Art.  I am going to be making this site a bit more personal, putting up more of my own work and thoughts as well as any influences I may have!  I will still be adding reviews of artists work every now and again and also explaining how they are relevant to my work/what of their work influences me or makes me want to learn that technique, or just what I like about their work in general.

Anyway, I am now onto my 3rd project which is about physiognomy.  (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physiognomy for a definition).  I have gone off on a bit of a tangent with this work and am looking at types of photo identification and if they represent the person whose photograph it is.  I am also looking at facebook profile pictures which can be carefully constructed by the owner to promote how they want to be seen (or not) by society.  I want to explore the question “Do you think that Facebook tries to get you to create a brand for yourself/gets you to market yourself in a certain way for others to see?” and show this in a comapre and contrast of “official photo I.D” and Facebook I.D.  What do you think about Facebook as a form of representation?

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