Studio Book Work – Selection Module

Here are some of the pages from my last Studio Book and my current one for you to see!  I thought it would be helpful to look at so you can see the kinds of things that I look at when conducting research and development into my projects and ideas.

The photos include work from Workshops that were held over a 2 week period and also projects lasting the same amount of time starting with “Higgeldy Piggeldy”, “Location” and “Mechanisms”.  I have used different kinds of recording methods, as you can see from the photographs, from drawings, notes, collage,  photographs, print-outs leaf rubbings etc.  I have created books of information that encourage interaction within the pages, notably in the location project where I made numerous leaf rubbings and took several photographs.  I always find that displaying the work in this way encourages me to interact more with the data collected and helps me visualise and formulate ideas for my final pieces.  On my”Location” project I also included an evaluation of my work as I felt that it could have been better if undertaken in a different month.  Any notes that you feel relevant should be put in your Studio Book to help you along your way.

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