Ron Mueck, Photo Realist Artist

Ron Mueck, some people say his work is captivating, beautiful, freakish, nightmarish, weird but however you see it, it’s amazing and clever not to mention highly detailed.  You may have heard of Ron Mueck, his work was in the news recently as parts of it are to go on sale later this year (  Ron’s work is either large-scale or small-scale but highly detailed.  He is a photo realist artist which means that his attention to detail makes his work so lifelike it could be real.

As you can see, all of his work looks real yet it is the scale that gives away that it’s not.  Dead Dad is really small, Big Man is just that big, Spooning Couple is small and laid out so you look down on them, and Mask 2 is really big scale wise too.  When I began looking at Ron’s work (after seeing it on the news from the link above) my breath was literally taken away.  Some of the works, like Spooning Couple have an air of sadness about them, a sense of unease that we as the audience can do nothing about apart from feel.  Others, like Mask 2 literally make you want to hold your breath so as not to disturb it which is a bizarre feeling to have as you know it’s a sculpture.  Whatever you feel, the artist has created and wants you to feel, and if you can create feelings in other people then that is art.  The same goes for the attention to detail in the creation of these pieces, how can you argue that this isn’t art when so much attention has been paid to things that we, ourselves would probably not see on a day-to-day basis.

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