The Greatest Pop Artist Ever?

With its punkish appearances, garish colours and repetitive image reproductions you should recognise these works as Andy Warhol’s.  Andy Warhol is a screen print artist, famous for his Marilyn and Campbell’s prints that have been replicated all over the world.  Andy’s work takes well-known household “brands” and presents them to us in a new way, showing us the images we see every day, but stylised and brightly coloured.  The repetition echoes the way we are subjected to these “brands” on a daily basis, on tv, in magazines, in our own cupboards, in the supermarket.  It’s almost as if Andy is mocking the ways that companies get “brands” into our lives, and mocks us for how we remember them too.  Taking the famous and displaying them, repeated over and over has almost made the actual item/person un-famous.  It has numbed us to that “brand” in a way which makes me question advertising as a whole, when will the companies bombarding us with their brands become aware that the more they push their products onto us the more numb we will become to it?  I like the attitude that Andy has and the way that he presents his work, almost as if he has become a promoter himself.

Andy has also done other prints including Banana and the Bull which are presented in an equally punkish manner which I love.  You may wish to read this… which I found on Andy Warhol and the sale of a piece of his work recently!

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