A picture can tell a thousand words…

One of my favourite photographers that I researched for one of my projects was Phillip Toledano.  Some photographers choose to shoot models, others choose buildings and scenery, objects and all manner of things in between, Philip Toledano captures emotions.  His work forms and tells stories, from Phone Sex Workers to Another Kind Of Beauty, Phillip manages to tell a story from just one picture.  My favourite piece of work is called Days With My Father, and was shot across 3 years after his mother had died and his father was suffering from memory problems  Phillip’s father did not remember that his wife had died or even attending her funeral.  Phillip set about recording moments with his father over those three years that he spent with him.  I found the whole st of images (www.mrtoledano.com/Dayswithmyfather) intriguing and poignant.  I felt as though I was sharing intimate memories of a friends father with them.  There is something warm and comforting in the photographs.  Phillip said he wanted to capture the love he had for his father and the love his father had for him.  He certainly managed to capture the warmth and caring feeling well.  The last photograph was the most moving.  The empty chair, it signified the end.

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