Is This Art?

For part of my research I have been looking at installation artists which set me off thinking about what we class as art.  One piece of this kind of art was Claes Oldenburg’s Bedroom Ensemble.  Its not often that I don’t get a piece of art or really see the point in it but this is one of those pieces.  I tend to think of it or class it as “expected installation art”.  In that I mean that it looks like you would expect it to, there are no surprises or anything to question apart from ‘Why?’,   ‘What purpose could this be for?’  and ‘Why?’ again.  With reference to this work, it looks like something from a shop window, a hotel or home (although a bit dated now…).  But, with all these points aside, as it makes the viewer even question reasons for it then I think that Yes, it is DEFINATELY art.  Art should make people ask questions, but not necessarily have them answered by the piece itself, the artist may hold the answers to the questions raised but by his/her own choice choose not to reveal.  Isn’t it better to have unanswered questions and be filled with a sense of wonder, than to have the answer and go away disappointed and unfulfilled as the answers didn’t fulfil your expectations?  So here is the piece for you to decide upon yourself…

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