For this project I have been looking at Tracey Emin, Mike Kelley and an artist called Nari Ward.  The works I have looked at are all different but have inspired me in creating my own work.  Nari Ward created a piece called Bottle Whispers which uses loads of bottles suspended in a chandelier-esque way.  I liked the idea behind this work that all the bottles (all found) are associated with the breath, hands and mouths of those people who touched them, turning the objects into ones drenched in sentimental value.

Tracey Emin, whose work i have looked at on this blog, all have a kind of ‘bare-all’ honesty about them and I liked that idea of showing the audience a part of myself that I see as being personal and to me brings myself closer to the audience.  something that creates intimacy with the viewer.  Traceys work has the kind of feel that I want to create.

And Mike Kelley, who I have also looked at on this blog.  I really liked the Memory Ware Flat works that he created and have gone on to combine pieces that I hold personal to create something that brings about, I hope, a sense of “collective chaos” like he has created. 

Here’s the work…let me know what you think!

Tracey Emin, TMI?

I have looked at Tracey Emin from time to time and have returned again to look at her installation works for which I personally think she is most famous for.  Above are two examples of Tracey’s work, the first being My Bed which is Tracey’s bed exactly as she left it after a bout of depression.  In it, clearly visible, are soiled under-garments, used condoms, cigarette ends and packets.  The other work is called “Everyone I have Ever Slept With” and is contained in a tent.  It lists all the people she has slept with (from the title you would assume that it is referencing “sleeping with” as a sexual term but it is meant as it is, people she has fallen asleep with.).  Both of Tracey’s works are of a personal nature and share with complete strangers sometimes what we would not even share with our close friends.  Tracey seems to have no embarrassment to show her bed in the state it is in or share intimate details of people she has slept with.  I like Tracey’s work, it is raw and un-apologising, showing that Tracey is just like one of us, her faults on show for us all to see.  maybe she wants us to judge her, or be shocked but as a viewer of her work I can’t help but like her.