Final Major Project and Dissertation

I know I’ve not written here since July which seems so long ago when in reality it is just a few months.  I am now in my 3rd year of my BA(Hons) PhotoArt degree and I’m starting to struggle with what I am doing, what direction I am going in, what I’m thinking, writing, doing, where my head is at and what I’m producing.  The main subject for my final major project is the “Selfie”.  There’s so much being written about on this subject that it *should* be easy to pick a path to follow for the project.  But I CAN’T.  I seem to have ideas and they don’t seem good enough or when discussed they just don’t seem to have much substance or sticking power, they are half baked and not that creative or imaginative.  I am struggling to know what to do and how to do it.  But perseverance is key and I have ideas to try out, I have no idea whether they will work or if they will be any good but I will try and somewhere along the line I am hoping that everything will make sense and that it will all click into place sooner rather than later.

General Thoughts

I’m starting to struggle with this project now, even though it is on my home town.  I saw my lecturer last week for a 1-2-1 which wasn’t the best meeting about my work that I have had.  The project I was doing, my lecturer wasn’t keen on for a load of reasons and he didn’t seem keen on me continuing with it.  After a long talk and a look through images I had taken, an idea started to form that I could roll with.  My problem with this, and probably what has caused me to become dis-interested and start struggling is how far we are now into the project, we are about 7 weeks in and I’ve been steered away from the idea I had and ‘given’ a new idea.  I have now got 7 weeks (approx) of work to catch up with, photos, research etc… and this is causing me to struggle.  I don’t really know what to do or where to start, just that I have a great load of stuff to do and a lack of motivation for it.

How do you regain motivation?  And how do you start a project that you don’t feel engaged with?