Research for Projects

I’ve not really done much research for my projects yet as I really have only now come up with ideas that I’m happy with for my uni summer projects.  However, the subjects I have chosen , one has been documented in the media so much recently that I think I shall be using the articles as a source of initial research, then looking at artists/photographers who have chosen a similar theme to my work to look at and get some ideas from, whether they be ideas for photos, set up, lighting, presentation or just to see their take on the theme and subject.

The other idea I have had is going to be a bit more difficult to research as it is just a theme, an idea which is very loose and generalised.  I know what I want to take photos of and how which is useful and I’m sure I have seen some photographers work that, although isn’t on the same theme or idea as mine I wouldn’t mind looking at for presentation ideas (but…I can’t remember his/her name!!!)

A Promise…

Today I have started on a “Blog Entry Diary” where I am putting all my thoughts and ideas for future blog posts that I want to cover and the dates too, which means that I am going to be more organised with my blogging and what I want to write about.

The first few weeks (starting tomorrow!!!) are basically going to be wind down and wrap up posts about uni, places I have been that I havent blogged about yet (because I keep forgetting) and starting to get into a routine with blogging in general.  I will be introducing a new, personal, project that I have had on my mind for some time and will be carrying out, researching and sharing my thoughts and ideas about (starting tomorrow!!!!).  There will be a Summer Project starting shortly that I will receive from uni for the holidays that I will be sharing too and other ideas that I would like to incorporate into this blog also!

So, my promise…I promise to be more organised, update as regularly as possible (and alert you when I won’t be available to blog so you know where I’ve gone!) and be more productive with my time and take more photos!

I hope you are all as excited as me!!!


I am not the best “up-to-date” blogger and my posts can be a bit sporadic at times but…THIS IS ALL GOING TO CHANGE!!!!  Why? I hear you ask…well…I have nearly finished uni for the year and I intend to keep myself busy by creating a list of things I would like to write about on here and things I’d like to share as well as my summer project (which I find out about next week!!!) and hopefully get into a good habit with writing on here and sharing my thoughts, ideas and “art” with you along with my inspirations and things I have found interesting along the way.

The problem I have, and have always had since I started blogging is a lack of organisation or inspiration, whatever you want to call it, perhaps its just laziness?  Anyway, I have thoughts on what I want to write about and think about it but never seem to go any further with a lot of these thoughts and then they are forgotten, never to be shared with anyone.  I also have a fear that what I will write will be boring and no one will want to read it, that it’s not interesting or that I think I have written badly so I delete the whole thing.  I guess that what I need to do is take a deep breath and “suck it up” and just do it.  You will never know until you do something right? And so what if people find something boring, I don’t always find everything to be “blow-me-away interesting” and that is what makes it interesting if you know what i mean?

Anyway, today, I am off to town to buy myself a diary and some stick it notes and start creating an itinerary which I really hope to stick to!  I hope if you have read this that you will come back and continue to read my stuff and that you like it, or not, I don’t mind!

Wish me luck! 😀

A New Craft Space

Today, though I should be working on the ending of my project and how it is to be displayed, I have instead been clearing out my spare room and starting to turn it into a designated work space. The spare bed and mattresses are going and I have started to pack up my craft stuff that currently resides in the front (dining room!). I can not believe how much clutter and rubbish I have accumulated over the space of 3 years in the dining room! (or the clutter in the bedroom for that matter!) I can not wait to have all my stuff in one designated space and be able to just shut the door on it when I don’t want to work any more. It will be nice too, to be able to re-claim the front room for its original purpose and be able to sit and have meals in there without having to look at my works in progress! I just need, now, to decide on what furniture I need and how to get everything I need filed away neatly and, more importantly, within reach and with easy access! I will post some photos soon of how it is all coming along! (Hopefully I shall be able to get some taken later, after the bed is picked up!!!!)