Project Make!

Yeah, I know, I’m doing a degree in Photo Art so surely I should be taking photos and creating works with them?  Not necessarily, as I discovered in my project Model Family (here..  I must admit though, that as we were given pretty much free rein to do anything we wanted I was a bit baffled, and also scared, as we only have a few weeks in order to bring our ideas together and create something that is an object rather than images.

I originally thought about using maps in some way but I didn’t have any concrete ideas.  I decided to explore my love of color further and am currently constructing and painting a model that is an interpretation of the light spectrum color wheel/photographers color wheel/additive color wheel.  There are 3 main color wheels, the painters color wheel which has Red, Yellow, Blue as the primary colors  Orange, Green, Purple as secondary, the Additive color wheel, where Red, Green, Blue are the main colors  Magenta, Cyan, Yellow become the secondary colors with White as the central color created when these colors are all mixed together, and the Subtractive/Printers color wheel where Yellow, Magenta, Cyan become the main colors and Green, Blue, Red become the secondary colors which when mixed become black (which is fairly similar to the painters color wheel, when you  mix all the colors together you get a dark, blackish brown color).

My work for this project, so far, is concentrating on the additive color wheel as it is how color is transmitted to us and how we interpret and see color ourselves.

The additive color wheel is based on the idea that pure light is made up of all the colors  a chair appears blue because it absorbs all other colors from the light source but bounces the blue color back at us.  Newtons theory comes into this where his idea is that darkness is an absence of light therefore an object becomes colorless in the absence of light.

Gothe’s ideas surrounding light and color are also relevant in that colors are formed through an interaction of light and dark (how tones and shades are created) For example, yellow is darkened white and blue is lightened black.

There are many other ideas and facts surrounding color  for example, the human eye can detect and distinguish between more shades of green than any other color as our eye is most sensitive to that color  yellow is the only color to change totally the darker it gets, from yellow to ochre, all other colors just become darkened versions of themselves.

There is so much more to color than we can see!!!!


I have been given a new brief to work on over the Easter holidays and have been struggling to find a way to “insert” my original idea into the outlined project requirements until I realised I needed to take a step back and stop trying to ram the wrong pieces into the right agenda.  I had to take a giant leap, almost, and came to the conclusion that I couldn’t make the outlined brief fit what I wanted to do and had been approaching the whole thing wrong.  So, armed with a cuppa and a sun lounger, I placed myself in the garden and set about de-constructing what was being asked of me.  It did involve a terrible amount of procrastination on my part, and a heck of a lot of time day dreaming but I think I may have finally conceived a somewhat mad looking and often illegibly written “spider diagram/thought bubbles/mind map/thingy” that to me passes as the beginnings of an idea!!!!  I had to sit down and re-read the brief, un-pick it (every term, word, meaning), think about it, put my own slant/ideas/meaning to it and now have something I can work to and should become a reference further down the line.

I didn’t like the brief to start, that I didn’t understand it was the biggest problem but I have overcome that one.  But now I have made the effort to understand, it seems like there is a lot I could do with it but only one thing that I think will work which I shall see through to the end(!!!!).  I like the project brief as we get to use digital images and manipulate them, present it any way we want and there is also a part where we get to fabricate some work to enhance the images we make (be it sculpture, books, whatever is appropriate to what we are producing!!!)  and I can’t wait!  I think this project is the most ambitious one we have received so far and I’m a little daunted by it, there seems so much to do or that could be done and not so much time to do it in but I will follow-up with how it is all getting along soon!