The Park

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I took these photos at the same time as I took the ones in the previous post ( )

I am still fairly undecided on where I want to go with this project and what I want to do with it, I have an idea but don’t think it is the best idea and feel that I could do better and create something that I would be much happier with.  I know that I would like to do something involving/based on the park but I also want to do something involving industry as it is an important factor in how the town came about.  I am currently working on a concept but am uncertain at the moment where it may lead.

The Town I Live In

I’m about to embark on a project where the topic is the town I live in, the whole of my class has to do a project on it and will become part of a regeneration of the town.  We had a trip to the town on friday which was interesting and informative and it made me realise that I take so  much that is in the town for granted.

The town isn’t very good-looking on the surface, there seem to be more and more empty shops and pubs appearing day by day and in general it has an air of being forgotten and unloved, but beneath the surface there is so much heritage and things to discover.  There is an old market that retains much of its original features, many of the old buildings are still standing and beneath your feet are hidden tunnels that once connected one shop to another, secret pathways that helped traders to move around and basements full of history.

The old buildings have been changed to accommodate new businesses,  but above street level things have stayed the same, you can see where hotels used to be, pubs and old trading stores.

I was worried about what the other students would think, scared that they would just see what is on the surface, see it for what I have done for years, a neglected space that shoppers seem to forget exists.  I didn’t want that to happen and I hope it hasn’t because if the trip to my town has taught me anything it is that I do still love it and that maybe I have been neglectful of it too, not seeing the beauty beneath the grime and the stories the buildings and streets have to tell.

I already have an idea for my project and I cant wait to start putting it into place, I just hope I can do my town proud!