Is the #Selfie Epidemic Slowing?

I haven’t taken, or uploaded a #selfie in ages…a trawl through my Instagram feed (@siouxsietench) shows that the last one was uploaded 7 weeks ago.  The #selfie I am referring to is an image of me in my favorite pink VW hoodie, glasses on with my back to a view of the sea and sand dunes, attempting to capture the sunset on holiday (which was amazing and my #Selfie does not do justice to).  Prior to that was one taken a week previous where I was showing off my new glasses and looking particularly smug.

After working on my final degree project (formerly Insta-Rips then re-named “Reaching Out”) and writing my dissertation on Selfies and social media I thought this may be a trend that would continue for ever and ever.  Now though, I’m not so sure… you see, from realising that I have slowed with the #selfie taking I have become aware of the amount of #selfies appearing in my news feeds (on several social media sites) has depleted.  No longer, it seems are my friends and people I follow, taking these images of themselves and posting them up on social media for others to scrutinise daily.

Looking at Google’s Trends page, it seems that the trend for taking #selfies, has indeed dropped.  The trend is shown to have peaked around March – April 2014 and has steadily dropped off as the months have progressed.  The peak between March and April for this kind of photo could be explained by the presence of a campaign to raise awareness and funds for cancer (run by Cancer Research) which saw millions of people take part in a No – Makeup Selfie, the basics being simple to understand – don’t wear makeup, snap a #selfie of self with no make up on, donate money to charity and nominate a friend.  This trend saw countless celebrities backing the cause which in turn encouraged the general public to take part too.  This was a really clever strategy to raise money for the cause but could have manipulated the #Selfie data which means that the figures rose sharply and then fell away.

But, back to the main point of this writing, “I’m not seeing #Selfies PEOPLE!!!!!”  Where have they all gone?  Apart from the odd one uploaded as a friend wants a new “profile pic” and has decided to shoot one themselves (Facebook mainly) or someone is showing off their make-up or hair style (Instagram), I am seeing less and less #selfies taken just because…

I need to examine why I haven’t taken or uploaded any of my own #selfies for a while (7 weeks!!!! I still can’t believe this mostly because at one point in time this was pretty much a daily occurrence!) , I can come up with loads of excuses – I’m busy, I don’t think I look that good, I’ve got no new clothes/shoes/outfits to show off, I’ve been tired, I’ve not done much that is so exciting that I have to take a selfie to share…so many excuses!!!  But are any of them a real reason?  Nope.  The real reason is that I’m not seeing many #selfies from friends anymore, and therefore I am not being influenced by them to create my own, so not snapping myself or uploading as regularly anymore.

Peer pressure, whether we are aware of it or not, really does influence us.  We are visual creatures, and creatures that want to be accepted into the groups that surround us, we want to fit in and be seen to be “cool”.  When our friends stop doing something, something that we used to partake in, it affects us, whether consciously or subconsciously and we alter our behaviour accordingly.  This is the real reason behind my lack of #selfies.  Whether I like it or not, I have been influenced by what I am seeing or not seeing on my news feed.  I want to fit in, be cool and be accepted, no matter that I tell myself that in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter…the reality is that it does.  And it is this reason that the No Make Up selfie cancer campaign worked so well too, we are not just influenced by our friends but by the media and celebrities too, it only takes one celebrity to get noticed for doing something and it to be reported for a trend to start…remember velour tracksuits…I blame Coleen Rooney for that one.  We see celebrities doing, saying or wearing something and we want to emulate them, its our chance of aligning ourselves to them, a case of “if they can do it then I can too”, we idolize celebrities for their wealth, their “famousness”, their coolness and in some ways want a share of that.  Remember the cool kid in school that you wanted to be like so much that you would study their every move, their clothes, how they spoke, what they ate etc, and you would try to copy them?…Its the same thing, we envy what others have and how they are and want to copy them…its natural, its human.  And this is where I find myself now, I started with the #selfie trend as everyone else was doing it and now, Ive slowed with the images as I’m not seeing them so much anymore…

So, in the future, unless the #selfie culture booms again, you can expect the odd #selfie on my feed but probably more images of what really matters to me (my vintage car, my nails, my artwork and other things that make me happy), ultimately moments I want to preserve and share.

But for now… Let me take a selfie…. (The Chainsmokers – Selfie)

Art Exhibition

I have been selected to show my work in an exhibition format for the National Assembly For Wales!  This is so exciting for me as I have not long graduated from my Photographic Art Deree which I undertook at Caerleon Campus, part of the University Of Newport (Now University of South Wales).  my work at this moment, is with the printer, waiting to be printed before being placed in frames and installed at the beginnging of the weeek commencing 20th October!

Today has been spent deciding which images to print, initially I sent 20 in to go before an art panel – people who decide if the work is suitable to be shown, today I whittled that 20 down to 13, choosing 6 images to be printed large and 7 to be printed small.  I sat with the arts project co-ordinator who helped me to group the images into “mini collections” before sending them off to be printed.

Th theme of the images focuses on Autumn, textures and colours, leaves, plants and other “Autumnal Delights!”  I won’t spoil it for anyone yet by publishing the images that have been chosen here but wait until they have been installed before sharing any more!

I am very excited about this oppertunity for people to see my images and have the chance to exhibit my work in a solo exhibition!

Insta-Rips and Anti-Social Media (Part 1)

How many times have you skimmed through your social media newsfeed only to be confronted by yet another selfie of someone standing in their room, pouting into the mirror?  Or been out with friends and gone to speak only to be met with tops of heads, while they are engrossed in their phone?  It seems to happen to me, A LOT, so I’m guessing its happening to most people at some point or other.

This project originated from the #selfie culture that seems to be taking over the internet and newsfeeds on most, if not all, social media.  I began by taking my own selfies and originally wanted to use them to create something but I couldn’t fathom what.  I think part of idea formation for me, especially with this project, was that looking at images of myself was a bit too close to try and decipher what I wanted to do with them, for me they were just me and that was that.  I moved on to looking at items which define a selfie, from mirrors to mobiles and the apps with which we share these images on.  I started to look at other peoples images of #selfies and did a Google search using #selfie as the search term.  I came across a website that groups all images shared on Instagram by the words they are # categorized with and started to filter through them, looking for images where the phone was in the shot, and the image taken in a mirror and started to download them to my computer.  I then went back through them and started an editing process where I started to get rid of background in the images that didn’t really seem that interesting or relevant to what I was trying to focus on.  In the end that just left a lot of arms and hands and phones floating around inside frames….

Summer Project and Dissertation Thoughts

The summer project we were given in uni to work on over the summer was to start researching, looking at and producing work that would see us through our final year and form our final piece, preferably in line with our dissertation which should lead on from our Literature Review that we wrote in the final term of our second year (you can read mine here ).  I wrote about snapshots and how the introduction of technologies, such as the camera phone and DSLR’s, software like Photoshop and photo-sharing (Facebook and Instagram for example) have changed how we take, manipulate and share images.  Many family photo albums have ceased to exist once film cameras have been replaced by digital capture devices, instead these images remain stored as digital data on computers and discs, a selection being uploaded to be shared with friends on social networking sites. 

With this train of thought going on, I have started to turn my attention to the actual images we share.  With software such as Photoshop becoming more affordable and easy to use we can manipulate images we take , never having to share a bad photo again.  I have noticed that many of my friends now go through their images with a fine tooth comb, editing sometimes to the same degree that an advertising image may be edited, before sharing.  Gone are the photos of us with less than perfect skin/teeth/hair etc, as to are the badly framed images where peoples heads are not in the shot, blurry images and those “happy accidents” where the camera has miss-fired and captured something we didn’t mean to capture.  Much of this is down to the image taking capabilities and the method of shooting.  With film cameras we did not have the means to review an image straight away, and the cost meant we couldn’t take images one after the other after the other like we can now.  With film, people were limited to 24 or 36 shots per roll (35mm film) and depending on how much film you could afford to purchase and then pay to get developed, now with digital image taking you are only limited by how many images you can fit onto a memory card or the battery life of your camera.

Anyway, back to images we share, which I’m thinking is where I am going to be focusing my energy for this project and dissertation work…

rene not a pipe


I keep seeing this image (above,The Treachery of Images (This is not a pipe) by Rene Magritte) and I am beginning to form links with images we see today.  (Rene Magritte was a surrealist painter from Belgium who lived between 1898 and 1967, the image is currently on display in LA County Museum of Art) .  The image makes us question our relationship to images, this is a pipe, but it’s not a pipe, it is not the actual object but a representation of that object.  In the same way, with photo editing software, we an question photographs and other images we see today, flaws an be removed, skin and eyes made brighter, teeth whitened, people slimmed, backgrounds changed, people an be edited out – a pretty endless list of changes can be made to an image before being shared to the public domain.  Any image we view now needs to be viewed in the same way as Rene’s work as many of the images we see are just representations, not a actual truth which could be captured and less easily manipulated when using film to make images.

With film though, and its the same with digital image capture, as a viewer we are never really sure if an image has been staged to look a certain way or if it is spontaneous, for example, I could decorate my house out with all the Christmas paraphernalia and take images supposedly showing the festive season but have taken them in June… the viewer could come to the conclusion that the images were actually made in December but the truth is way out.

This all then brings me to advertising campaigns, with all this photo-editing going on in our own homes, and fairly easily at that given that there are you tube tutorials for just about anything and everything you could ever want to do, we, as viewers are more likely to question adverts.  But this is not my point… With all images being edited to some extent or other, our “snapshots” that we share have become an advert, something carefully constructed, and thought about in terms of how we are seen in these images by the viewers of them.  As image takers and sharers we are fully aware of what the images we are seen in say about us.  We want to be like the models in adverts with the perfect skin, glossy hair, having fun, being fashionable, being popular etc… that we only ever share the best images of us.

Anyway, this is just a few of the thoughts going around in my head at the moment with regard to my dissertation…

For the project that runs alongside my dissertation I have been looking at film snapshots and Corrine Day in particular as she has shot many projects in the style of snapshot photography, Diary (some images from this project can be viewed on her site here) being one of them.  I am unsure which direction to go in with snapshot photography as I have a few directions and interests on this subject – one of those being to take my own snapshots and focus, possibly, on re-creating or making snapshots of everything I would normally use digital imaging for, or look at the extinction of film photography and photographs, family albums as actual objects, and old film created photographs as the precious objects they once were.


I have just taken 2 rolls of film!!!!  One black and white medium format (120mm) film in my Holga and one 35mm colour in my Diana.  This might not be much to most people but to me this is amazing as I don’t really take photos any more, I like to see what I do as ‘Creating Images’.  Hopefully I can develop them tomorrow and at least get contact sheets made so I can see what I have got and if they are any good and share them on here!  These images I have just taken are experiments for my new project about Voyeurism and Surveillance.  Ideally I would love to take the images with a Polaroid camera (like this or this  ) as I think that the photographs they produce, both in quality and feel would fit right in with my project but for the moment I have taken photos with 120mm and 35mm just to see what effects I can get from these before, perhaps, purchasing *another* camera!

General Thoughts

I’m starting to struggle with this project now, even though it is on my home town.  I saw my lecturer last week for a 1-2-1 which wasn’t the best meeting about my work that I have had.  The project I was doing, my lecturer wasn’t keen on for a load of reasons and he didn’t seem keen on me continuing with it.  After a long talk and a look through images I had taken, an idea started to form that I could roll with.  My problem with this, and probably what has caused me to become dis-interested and start struggling is how far we are now into the project, we are about 7 weeks in and I’ve been steered away from the idea I had and ‘given’ a new idea.  I have now got 7 weeks (approx) of work to catch up with, photos, research etc… and this is causing me to struggle.  I don’t really know what to do or where to start, just that I have a great load of stuff to do and a lack of motivation for it.

How do you regain motivation?  And how do you start a project that you don’t feel engaged with?

The Park

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I took these photos at the same time as I took the ones in the previous post ( )

I am still fairly undecided on where I want to go with this project and what I want to do with it, I have an idea but don’t think it is the best idea and feel that I could do better and create something that I would be much happier with.  I know that I would like to do something involving/based on the park but I also want to do something involving industry as it is an important factor in how the town came about.  I am currently working on a concept but am uncertain at the moment where it may lead.

It’s All in the Detail

I was lucky enough to be able to take some images, for this project on my town, when there was nice weather.  These were taken last week and are detail shots of things around my town, small things that I take for granted or have never noticed.  The first set of images were taken in the Park.











Close up of one of the windows in the Bowling Green area

















Close up of the detail of The Fountain in the Italian Gardens area

Close up of the detail of The Fountain in the Italian Gardens area

Detail on the Library Window

Close up of a wall brace where the train lines used to run (now a concrete open space)

Mosaic detail of one of the towns underpasses depicting parts of the towns heritage

Mosaic detail of one of the towns underpasses depicting parts of the towns heritage

Mosaic detail of one of the towns underpasses depicting parts of the towns heritage

Mosaic detail of one of the towns underpasses depicting parts of the towns heritage

Mosaic detail of one of towns doorsteps that used to be Lion House, a hotel in the town, now a charity shop

Corn Market plaque, was a clothes store recently until it closed down, now empty

Detail from the old Tesco building, now Instores (part of Poundstretcher)

Detail from Nat West Bank, was a mens club in previous life

Masonic symbols?

Masonic symbols?

Masonic symbols?

Masonic symbols?



Another mosaic on another underpass leading from town, made by the same artist

White Hart, used to be a hotel before it became a pub then was left empty for several years before THI undertook regeneration of the building.

Detail of a mosaic in a covered pathway beside Wetherspoons.  I remember this being covered in carpet several years ago

Another detail of part of the mosaic flooring in a covered walkway beside Wetherspoons

Peeling paint in the Market which is due for regeneration (April 2013?)

Detail of part of the floor in the Market

Town Project

I have an idea for my latest brief which is basically working alongside the local council on a regeneration project on my local town, creating artworks which will be placed around the area while much-needed building work is undertaken.  The work can take on different forms but the main form that has been discussed with us is hoardings… Those boards/tarps/plastic covers that hide scaffolding around buildings while they are being done up, however I was keen to learn that the council is open to any ideas that we have with regard to “artwork” which is where I can breathe a sigh of relief.

I have been reluctant to start any work as I was worried that I could only go so far with my idea and then it either be dismissed or I would have to start again, so rather than run the risk I decided to wait and discuss my idea in a 1-2-1 meeting with one of my lecturers.  I had my 1-2-1 on Monday where I was able to discuss my idea and the research I had already done and I was really happy with how it went.  I would like to pursue my idea to create a sculpture and if possible have it made and put in my chosen area.

The research I have done so far involves the area that i would like to see my work displayed and on the area in general.  I decided that I needed to speak with the local community and seek out their opinion in general and get some feedback which i can relate to my project so I created a tick box questionnaire which had spaces for any opinions/thoughts.  We have been quite lucky as a group as the local market have lent us as a class a couple of empty stalls to do with what we please.  My friend needed to gather some ideas and research from the public so we set up a stall offering a free cake to people who gave us info.  this worked quite well and I have a load of questionnaires filled in and ready to sort through.

Today my friend and I went to the town and took some photos of the area, things that could be of interest and general townscape photos.  It was fun looking around the town and seeing it from someone elses eyes.  I have yet to go through the images that were taken and hope to have a look through them this weekend and maybe share some of them in the week!  😀

The Town I Live In

I’m about to embark on a project where the topic is the town I live in, the whole of my class has to do a project on it and will become part of a regeneration of the town.  We had a trip to the town on friday which was interesting and informative and it made me realise that I take so  much that is in the town for granted.

The town isn’t very good-looking on the surface, there seem to be more and more empty shops and pubs appearing day by day and in general it has an air of being forgotten and unloved, but beneath the surface there is so much heritage and things to discover.  There is an old market that retains much of its original features, many of the old buildings are still standing and beneath your feet are hidden tunnels that once connected one shop to another, secret pathways that helped traders to move around and basements full of history.

The old buildings have been changed to accommodate new businesses,  but above street level things have stayed the same, you can see where hotels used to be, pubs and old trading stores.

I was worried about what the other students would think, scared that they would just see what is on the surface, see it for what I have done for years, a neglected space that shoppers seem to forget exists.  I didn’t want that to happen and I hope it hasn’t because if the trip to my town has taught me anything it is that I do still love it and that maybe I have been neglectful of it too, not seeing the beauty beneath the grime and the stories the buildings and streets have to tell.

I already have an idea for my project and I cant wait to start putting it into place, I just hope I can do my town proud!