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My artwork, images and photography is now available to purchase in a range of formats from art prints and canvases to phone cases and laptop skins!!!  please feel free to browse my online store over at…


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This week I havent blogged as I have had problems (again) uploading my photos AND because I have spent some of my time getting re-accomodated with my craft stuff (getting it all out and sorting through it etc) and making these!  My friend was in a car accident and spent some of her time in a coma and then was in the ICU in the Heath Hospital not far from where I live.  She decided that she wanted to try to raise some funds for the nurses there by making some cards so I decided I would help and make some too.  Over the course of 2 days this is what I came up with.  They are for sale from £2.50, 25% of the cost will be going towards the Heath Hospital.  If you would like one please state which one you are interested in and I shall let you know if it is available and also the cost!

I really enjoyed making the cards and having a play around with different materials!  It seems like so long ago when I last made any cards or did any scrap booking for that matter!  I think I may have to have a day doing some scrap book pages next!