Art Exhibition

I have been selected to show my work in an exhibition format for the National Assembly For Wales!  This is so exciting for me as I have not long graduated from my Photographic Art Deree which I undertook at Caerleon Campus, part of the University Of Newport (Now University of South Wales).  my work at this moment, is with the printer, waiting to be printed before being placed in frames and installed at the beginnging of the weeek commencing 20th October!

Today has been spent deciding which images to print, initially I sent 20 in to go before an art panel – people who decide if the work is suitable to be shown, today I whittled that 20 down to 13, choosing 6 images to be printed large and 7 to be printed small.  I sat with the arts project co-ordinator who helped me to group the images into “mini collections” before sending them off to be printed.

Th theme of the images focuses on Autumn, textures and colours, leaves, plants and other “Autumnal Delights!”  I won’t spoil it for anyone yet by publishing the images that have been chosen here but wait until they have been installed before sharing any more!

I am very excited about this oppertunity for people to see my images and have the chance to exhibit my work in a solo exhibition!

A Promise…

Today I have started on a “Blog Entry Diary” where I am putting all my thoughts and ideas for future blog posts that I want to cover and the dates too, which means that I am going to be more organised with my blogging and what I want to write about.

The first few weeks (starting tomorrow!!!) are basically going to be wind down and wrap up posts about uni, places I have been that I havent blogged about yet (because I keep forgetting) and starting to get into a routine with blogging in general.  I will be introducing a new, personal, project that I have had on my mind for some time and will be carrying out, researching and sharing my thoughts and ideas about (starting tomorrow!!!!).  There will be a Summer Project starting shortly that I will receive from uni for the holidays that I will be sharing too and other ideas that I would like to incorporate into this blog also!

So, my promise…I promise to be more organised, update as regularly as possible (and alert you when I won’t be available to blog so you know where I’ve gone!) and be more productive with my time and take more photos!

I hope you are all as excited as me!!!