Craft Room Update

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Today I have been busy moving my craft stuff around from my downstairs room (my old Craft Room) to upstairs (my New Craft Room).  I sorted out a load of paperwork and stuff on the way and couldn’t believe that I had enough rubbish to fill 2 bin bags (by rubbish I mean receipts and paperwork and things I have kept for no real reason!!!)


Anyway, this is how both rooms are looking at the moment.  All my craft stuff is now upstairs in one room and my downstairs room is on its way to becoming the Dining Room again!  I can’t wait to get furniture for my craft room but that may have to wait a while as I have so much to sort out in there now! 😀

My Craft Room – A Sneak at How it’s Going

Ok, so this is how my old craft room/dining room looks at the moment… I know, I know, its got a way to go yet before it can be claimed as a Dining Room again but its a start

And this is my “New Craft Room” which sees to be at the moment piles of craft stuff, books and shoes…

BUT, you can see, from the last set of photos I uploaded of the room (here, that the  chest of drawers, the wardrobe and the bed have all gone!!!!  Which means I have space to put my things so we can get this whole project moving a bit further towards completion!!!!