Researching Insomnia and Ideas

Today I am looking through my photo magazines and photo art books in order to gather some ideas to further push my ideas within the topic of Insomnia. 

Yesterday I sat and thought about images I could create and techniques that may be worth using in my photos to push the idea I have further.  I also created a list of things that I would like to play around with more in my images, one of them being shutter speed, so I can blur images and create motion and a sense of time passing. 

I am also doing some reading up on Insomnia and its causes, so far none of the causes listed seem to be reasons for my insomnia but there must be a reason for it somewhere.  it is also useful to see what I can do to help ease the sleeplessness.  I am thinking about creating a diary of my sleep patterns that may help to identify causes and identify a pattern that I can use to avoid triggers.  This may then become part of the overall project but I’m not sure yet…

A Promise…

Today I have started on a “Blog Entry Diary” where I am putting all my thoughts and ideas for future blog posts that I want to cover and the dates too, which means that I am going to be more organised with my blogging and what I want to write about.

The first few weeks (starting tomorrow!!!) are basically going to be wind down and wrap up posts about uni, places I have been that I havent blogged about yet (because I keep forgetting) and starting to get into a routine with blogging in general.  I will be introducing a new, personal, project that I have had on my mind for some time and will be carrying out, researching and sharing my thoughts and ideas about (starting tomorrow!!!!).  There will be a Summer Project starting shortly that I will receive from uni for the holidays that I will be sharing too and other ideas that I would like to incorporate into this blog also!

So, my promise…I promise to be more organised, update as regularly as possible (and alert you when I won’t be available to blog so you know where I’ve gone!) and be more productive with my time and take more photos!

I hope you are all as excited as me!!!