All By Myself 27/3/2012

Over the Easter Holidays I decided to go and explore an area not too far from me – St Brides, Wentlooge, where the Lighthouse Inn is situated.  I left early and went by myself as a time to think and gather my thoughts on my uni project and to enjoy the weather.  It was a warm and sunny day although when I was by the water it was a bit breezy but not un-enjoyable.

I didn’t know really, what to expect before I got there, I had a thought that it may be like a beach where I could go paddling in the tide and collect some shells.  (Some places are hard to judge on google maps…) It wasn’t like I imagined but I wasnt disappointed.  The area is a flood defense and would stop the river from washing away houses and causing mayhem if ever the river was to rise too much.  This is where I walked, along the flood defense.  It was lovely and peaceful and I didn’t see may people apart from the odd dog walker and some lone fishermen.

Here are some of the photos I took on my day out.

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Feeding The Ducks

A while back (24th Feb 2012 to be precise) I decided to go to Slimbridge Wildfowl and Wetlands Centre ( as my family and some of my friends had been before but I have never been myself.  It was BRILLIANT!  I had a lovely day and I can’t wait to go again!  The weather wasn’t all that good and it rained on the way down so I was a bit worried about getting my camera wet and it not being the best day to go but none the less I went anyway.  The weather brightened as I got there and stayed that way until I got back to my car and I got some lovely photos,

Heres some of my favourites

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I wasn’t sure what to expect before I visited, I had an image of a duck pond and a load of ducks but when I arrived I was amazed at the variety and amount of birds and wildfowl there, and also the size of the place too!  There were bits I didn’t venture to and stayed to the main areas as I was pushed for time but I’d like to go back and as I now know what to expect I can plan my time more effectively!

I took over 500 photos and would like to go back at different times of the year and capture the changes in the seasons and see if different birds come and go.