Darkroom Day

Today was spent in the darkroom developing and printing my photographs. I was happy with the contact sheets that I had made yesterday (sheets of all my negs in colour so I could see what I had on each negative.) but today has been another story. I decided to print my images at a size of 4 inches by 5 inches (portrait format) The first couple of prints turned out ok but I battled with the last image, I couldn’t get the tones to look right. Anyway, after 6 hours or so of being in the rooms and doing print after print I thought I was happy with my images… Then I got home… And looked at them again. And now I’ve decided that they all still have work to be done to them as there is something not quite right with any of them. the major downfall I have is I’m not sure what isn’t right, I can’t put my finger on it. This is really frustrating for me as I feel like todays work has somehow been in vain. On a positive note it means I have got that load of work out of the way and can start again where I have left off and hopefully get it right in a few hours tomorrow 😀 so maybe all isn’t lost yet. I have been looking at the work of Ori Gersht and Tracey Ferguson “Day by Day” which documents the lives of both of them throughout a year, it is interesting to see their faces change and take on the strains of their private lives without you as a viewer knowing exactly what has been going on at that point in time. For this project I thought about a load of different ideas, from the invention of Facebook and profile pictures, to identities both in the form of ID cards and social identities and also how we view people within society – social identities, I suppose. But I kept coming back to this idea that Gersht and Ferguson documented. I wasn’t sure why or where this may go so I thought about it and played around with it in my mind. Eventually I came up with an idea in which I decided to take photographs of myself at different times of the day (morning, afternoon (or when I arrived home), evening and before bed) to see how my face changes through the day and see if I looked the same or if there were differences, tiny or huge, that could be seen judging by what had happened to me those days. I have kept a log of what I have been doing /thinking about at the time of the photographs and am planning on cross referencing my “diary” with the photographs. After all, a self-portrait can be a fairly intimate thing to share with people as can a diary. I’m not sure yet, whether I will share the “diary” extracts along with the photographs or just have a photo diary to present at the end. I guess this is the thing with creating art, it is organic and takes on a life of its own, meandering and entwining itself with other ideas and fragments of life before becoming something whole and accepted and complete on its own. This is the beauty of creativity and creating.