I’ve been MIA recently but that doesn’t mean I have not been creating art.  This series, below, is something I have been working on for a few months now.

I have been out and about, walking with the dog most nights, and now the nights are lighter and longer I have been exploring more of the area I live in.  I am lucky enough to live right next to an old railway line that has now become a tarmac’d pavement for cycling and walking which links where I live to the village further up.  The walk from my house to there is roughly 5km in one direction, 10km there and back which is enough to tire my dog out!  The path takes you through woodland and over a few bridges with the river running below, next to fields of sheep and horses and under old railway bridges.  The walk is fairly diverse and clambers upward, though not steeply.  Off the paths there are walks which take you up into woodland meadows that, at certain times of the year are full of different flowers which fill the air with different scents.  It’s the flowers and natural elements I see in these walks which inspired this series of images.

I have not been using a fancy camera, these images were taken on my iPhone 6 and edited with software on my phone.  I chose to “colour pop” elements in the image to enhance the subject and bring the viewers full attention to it.  The colour is what drew me to the subjects in the first instance, in a sea of differing green shades, the pinks, yellows, whites all grabbed my attention and I wanted to replicate that in my series.

The images are for sale from my Facebook page (Peering At Pictures Photography) currently they are priced at £25 framed and £15 as the print only.


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