Images from my Phone

I may seem to have been absent for a few months but my mind is working on some interesting art, some of the “scrap book” images that I am intending to base my outcomes on were captured on my phone camera.  I used the iphone 6 camera to capture these images between fall and winter 2015.



I have always loved autumn, if not for anything more than the crisp, fresh feeling air and the abundance of colour emitted from the turning leaves that fall onto the paths and adorn the grassed areas near where I work.  I feel so lucky to work somewhere that I can see these things daily.


And when winter creeps in I am blessed to see the sunrise over the mountains and valleys that rise and fall as part of my daily commute and welcome me to work in the frosty mornings.


And this last image, taken by Spencer Tunick in 2010 at the Big hill festival, I recently found this in a tidying up festival that I am currently on.  I never thought I could or would, be able to partake in something so crazy/beautiful ever.  But here’s proof… btw…I was yellow!  On a side note – yellow body paint gets everywhere!  Your skin sucks it up like moisture dropped onto the Sahara Desert then proceeds to sweat it out over the coming months and wrecks so many clothes!  Its advisable to wear dark clothing for a while after the experience and to c=shower regularly!

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