The Self Portrait and The Selfie – My Synopsis

As promised, here is the synopses that ran as a prelude to my complete dissertation.  This piece of writing needs to be kept brief and to the point and will act as a guide to you and your lecturer about the content of your dissertation.

This paper sets out to look at the similarities between self portraits and the modern day selfie.  In the paper there is a look back at painted portraits and the reasons behind them and why they were so popular, the rise of photography and the invention of such photographic types as the daguerreotype and how the Kodak Eastman Box Brownie meant that photography became more and more accessible to the general public.  From this point the paper takes us on a journey to more modern means of self portraiture, from the photo-booth image,looking at the similarities between this type of photo and the self portraits today with the work of Tracey Ferguson and Ori Gersht in their Day By Day project.  The work then moves into todays self portraits, known as selfies, and how technology and the digital and social media world of today has shaped how we take and distribute these selfie images.  We then take a look at what might happen in the future to further shape the world of the selfie, from advancements in the cameras used to take these images to bringing back the selfie from the realms of the internet back into objects in everyday life.  The paper touches upon celebrity culture and the pressures of modern life to keep creating the images.


Long live the #Selfie!

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