Sleep Diary – 18th – 19th July

Bed Time – 12.30am

Food/drink consumed – Smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, tuna crunch baguette, 2 cups of coffee, 1 cup of red bush tea, 1 pt fizzy water, 2ltrs cider, 1 aero white choc mousse.

Activities – Driving, shopping, visiting/caring for friend, housework, shower, Skype, reading and research.

Sleep Quality – 4 and 3.  i found it hard to fall asleep and despite the time I went to bed I was still awake at 2.45am.  And although I woke feeling like I’d had a good night’s sleep I woke up several times during the night but not for any reason (except 4.23 when next doors baby woke me up…)

One thought on “Sleep Diary – 18th – 19th July

  1. alluneedislove says:

    Try a day without alcohol or even a couple of days, alcohol really wrecks my sleep. If I want a really good night sleep- only drink water throughout the day, eat your tea around 6pm. At 8pm do exercise for an hour (wii fit / exercise dvd etc) until you are proper sweating. At 9pm have a bath and go to bed at 10pm. Don’t worry about falling asleep, just think about nice things like what you would do first if you won the lottery! 🙂

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