Weekend Project #1 The Garden

As I said in my post here (https://artreviewed.wordpress.com/2012/06/12/in-review-may/) I wanted to start doing Day/weekend projects, taking photos with all my different cameras.  I know it has been a while coming but I got weigh-laid along the way but have now started!!!!

Today I took my Canon EOS3000 into the garden with a fish eye lens attachment and had fun snapping away.  I havent got any photos to show for it yet, hopefully I shall get them processed tomorrow!!!  I am so excited to FINALLY start using film again nad be able to try out all my cameras again!  I always seem to use the same camera (my Pentax K2000 DSLR) when I take photos and I forget that I have other choices that I could use.

I can’t wait to get the film processed, for one, it’s a camera I haven’t really used before (well, I have used it but the film came back blank but think it was down to it being a black and white film and not being processed correctly…) and I cant wait to see what the photos come out like!

It’s nice to be able to set myself a task of taking a roll of film over the course of a day/weekend as although it’s not a ‘proper’ project, it pushes me into thinking more creatively and allows me to capture things that I would probably, normally, take for granted.  It helps me see things in a new light and I can learn from what I have done and figure out what I’d like to progress with.

Once processed, I shall be putting my favourites up on here for you to see! 😀

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