Research for Projects

I’ve not really done much research for my projects yet as I really have only now come up with ideas that I’m happy with for my uni summer projects.  However, the subjects I have chosen , one has been documented in the media so much recently that I think I shall be using the articles as a source of initial research, then looking at artists/photographers who have chosen a similar theme to my work to look at and get some ideas from, whether they be ideas for photos, set up, lighting, presentation or just to see their take on the theme and subject.

The other idea I have had is going to be a bit more difficult to research as it is just a theme, an idea which is very loose and generalised.  I know what I want to take photos of and how which is useful and I’m sure I have seen some photographers work that, although isn’t on the same theme or idea as mine I wouldn’t mind looking at for presentation ideas (but…I can’t remember his/her name!!!)

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