Day Projects

I really like big projects that span weeks and require a lot of research and thought but I also really love projects that last a day or a weekend too.

I have loads of different cameras and tend to only stick to using two or 3 and have been thinking of ways of using my other cameras more.  Day projects seem to be a good way of using them and creating some work too.  I like the idea of themed photos, for example “The Garden”, or “The House”, where you can take photos how you want and it encourages you to explore the area more and be more creative with your photos and subjects that are photographed.  This kind of project can be a challenge and keep the ideas and creativity flowing.

I think I may start to do Day Projects or Weekend Projects regularly as I really want to push myself both in the creative sense and in what I can produce, I want to see what my other cameras are capable of and I also want to start using film more.  With Day Projects I can do pretty much what I want and have all the benefits of reaching goals that I would like to.  Who knows, maybe I could even turn one of them into my Uni Summer Project???

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