Illustrating a Story

Back in January the Uni took my class on a trip to Gregynog Hall (  Before we went they split us into groups and gave the groups short stories.  The story my group was given was “Lamb to the Slaughter” by Roald Dahl (if you fancy reading the story it’s here…  We were given an era in which our stories had to be based, 1950’s and a shooting style, Film Noir.

We researched the era and the props that we would need, identified key scenes in the story and familiarised ourselves with the Film Noir style (  When we got to Gregynog we set about choosing a room in which we could shoot and shot the scenes over two days.

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(Test shots that were taken to test the lighting and scene setting)

I really liked the Film Noir effects and using photography to illustrate a story and would like to continue with this idea of photography for illustration purposes using other short stories, poems and fairy tales.

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