A Model Family – How Its Coming Along

I have had a few seminars in uni where I have gotten together with the rest of my group and we have had a chance to talk about our work, where its going, our research and where we are going with our projects.  Today was one of those days.  I took my completed model to uni (un-mounted) and showed the class, and apart from the lecturer, no one seemed interested or engaged with it and I have no idea why.  The feedback I had from the group was disheartening to say the least and its times like this where I have to question my work and where I am going with it all.

I’m glad my lecturer liked my work and thought it was fascinating and appealing.  Though he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was that led him to this interest I was glad he liked it.  I’m not really sure why my group weren’t as connected to my work, perhaps they had seen it too much?  Maybe they didn’t fully understand it?  Maybe it’s because it is a “made” object?  Some of the comments were really disappointing such as “childish”, “looks like a child’s toy” etc.  These comments were not constructive in the least, if I knew where I had gone wrong or the reasons for them, I could build upon them and maybe push myself further, improve, but I feel like I have hit a brick wall with them.  I feel that in these situations it is better to give constructive criticism or not say anything at all.  There is no point in saying something that isn’t helpful or useful.  So, yeah, at the moment I’m not feeling very positive about my work.  I know that everyone doesn’t have the same opinions, especially in art, and some people like things and some people don’t, and then there is always that other smidge of people who just don’t give a f£$% either way and that doesn’t bother me, it adds to the spice of life and makes things less boring and uniform.

Anyway, I have decided that, as the piece has been inspired by molecules and atoms and “sciency” things that it shall be displayed in the way that science models are normally displayed…on a white (shiny) plinth with nothing else around it.  That is where I am with my project.  I’ve nearly finished but know I could push it further if I wanted.  I would also like to try to create models of other families using the method I have come up with to create this piece as it would be interesting to compare them and see how different they are.

Once I am happy with the final outcome I will post some photos of the final piece but until then I’m not ready to fully share (down to the negatives I have received today.)

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