Project Finished!

I managed to print out all of the images I wanted (and that I  was happy with) and lay them out beside the diary entry relevant to that day and time before deciding how I wanted to present the images.  It struck me that sometimes the diary entry read totally different to what the image was saying, in some entries I had been fairly happy and content but the image of myself seemed to say that I was sad, or tired or not happy which I found odd…perhaps the camera had caught a fleeting thought that I had not been aware of at the time, or perhaps I had left things out of my diary entries that I didn’t want to share with the world.  You consciously have to write a diary, the effort of putting pen to paper and writing things down in a  manner that can be readable and understood means that sometimes things can be missed out or hard to explain in a written format and get ‘glossed over’ so to speak. 

With all this in mind I decided to include my diary entries with the photographs and submitted my work in the form of a diary, the photographs grouped together as days with blank pages denoting a change in the day, and also my diary entries that had been written for those days.  I didn’t amend or omit any of my writing but transferred it over word – for – word into the ‘diary’ (a small A5 black cloth sketchbook.)

Now I have had time to think more about my presentation I am pleased that I submitted it as it was but was a bit disappointed (and strangely relieved also…) that none of the group got to see any of the photographs.  I have been thinking about this since and thought that maybe my work would have been better presented, as groups of photographs for each day and their corresponding diary entries, displayed on a wall.

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