Movements In Art – Abstract Art

If you are an artist it’s pretty plausible that you will fit into one or several “movements” from the art world.  Knowing these movements and a bit about them and the artists involved helps when conducting research into projects that you wish to undertake.  I will cover a few of the “movements” that interest and influence me and the categories I think I may fall into.

ABSTRACT ART – This kind of art can be hard to decipher, the subjects’ are presented to us in a form that can be quite far from the “actual” subject.  Abstract art is an impression of the subject, of feelings and movements, reactions to the subject, rather than a true replica of the subject.  It could be a close up of a subject, a subject drawn in simple linear terms, a painting of movement, a sculpture representing the solid form of an object.   Abstract art can include close up photography and some art that uses maths to create pictures. 

Kandinsky is a famous Abstract Artist.  He uses, in this piece, circles, triangles and rectangles to re-create his subject.  The painting is called Weiches Hart.  The subject is a face which you can see elements of in the circles and crescents.  By breaking down the subject into shapes and then presenting to us in this way the subject has taken on an unexpected form that has become interesting.  The colours used are also unexpected and not natural to the subject.  This painting is interesting because of its use of colours and positioning of the shapes used.  The shapes echo those of the actual subject and create a familiar feeling when viewed by the audience.



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