Numbers In Nature Used For Art?

I had a conversation with my lecturer the other week about the use of numbers in art which had been generated by another student’s work with random number generators, and the conversation led to this artist.

Mario Merz and his Fibonacci Igloo

Before I had seen Mario’s work I found it hard to see how art and maths could be linked.  But from seeing this work I have realised that art and maths can go hand in hand together.  You only need to google maths in art to discover a plethora of information ( on this subject.

Back to Mario’s Fibonacci Igloo and how it is linked to maths.  Mario has used the “Fibonacci” formulae which originated as a means to calculate the breeding rate of rabbits. Mario started off placing one parcel of cloth, then 2, then 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on until this dome was formed.  To me, before researching this piece of work, it just looked like an igloo made from pillows and I didn’t really understand the genius behind it. 

The most amazing thing about the formulae used is that it can create spirals, like those found in a snail’s shell and has been used in architecture to create domes on some of the most famous buildings.

I had always liked Mario’s Fibonacci Igloo, i found it quite calming to look at and now I know the creation method behind it I now realise why, it’s aesthetically pleasing as it echo’s nature itself.

For more information on Mario visit

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