Damien Hirst, Genius or Mad Man?

I have loved almost every piece of Damien’s work that I have seen, from his animals in formaldehyde to his installation/assemblage peices using medical items/medicine.  I think Damien is most famous for his shark in a tank work (called The Physical Impossibility Of Death In The Mind Of Someone Living.) although he has created many other interesting artworks including some really interesting spinner art work using household gloss paint.  Whether Damien’s work interests you or not, disgusts or amuses you, he is one of those artists whose name will stick in your head, and his artwork will be remembered always.

5 thoughts on “Damien Hirst, Genius or Mad Man?

    • artreviewed says:

      Hi, many apologies, I’ve just seen your blog post on this! I cross reference all work that I put on my blog and have used many of the sites you list on your blog that have used your work and wrongly labeled it as a Hirst! I hope you accept my apologies. I will be writing a post on this soon if that is ok?

  1. Corrine says:

    Oh! apologies accepted. thank you and yes I am okay with you writing a post about it. It was one of the more bizarre stories involving my art online. I tried to correct it as soon as I found it, but I it became difficult to keep up with how many places it kept popping up as a Hirst.

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