Jud Turner

How often is it that you come across a piece of work, of pieces, that have you forgetting to breathe?  Not very often I bet!  Well, check this work out by Jud Turner…

It had that effect on me.  Jud works with found objects and metals to create amazing sculpture pieces like those above.  Check out his website http://judturner.com/statement.html to see further examples of his work.  I really like the way objects are put together to create something so far removed from the original item that it’s hard to guess what the item was to start with.  My favourite work by Jud is the “Paradise Lost” assemblage that has mechanical pieces on one side of a book and a green landscape on the other.  It seems to be echoing how we have changed horizons, views, and our planet from something green and lush, into a landscape of industrial factories.  The work seems to  make a comment on our environment and how things have changed due to industrialisation, and in my view for the worse.  The lush green landscape portrayed on one side of the book, true beauty, has been replaced by something more sinister and man-made.  I love the comparisons in this work.

The comparisons and contrast continue with the likes of “Bio-Cycle” which sees a skeleton, a static symbol of death become mobile through the addition of wheels, the movement becoming more like the motion of life.

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