It’s A Wrap

The other day I remembered a couple of artists that seemed to create the impossible.  Christo and Jeanne-Claude have wrapped many iconic buildings and places.  The Reichstag is one such example that took 24 years to complete.  The way in which these places have been wrapped is amazing in itself, the ropes which hold the material in place also act to hint at the building design concealed beneath.  All detail has been hidden which makes the places appear mysterious and challenge our imagination into either accepting it as it is or adding the detail in ourselves.  Although detail has been hidden other detail has been added, the folds of the material, the sound the material makes when the wind blows over it for example.  It makes us, the audience, more aware of the structure of the place, it gives us a new way of appreciating it and makes us notice something that perhaps we take for granted and not notice as much as we normally do.  To see further examples of their work visit where you can also read more about the artists

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