Painting With The Light

I have just stumbled upon an artist called David Gilliver whilst searching for something else on good old Google.  David isn’t your traditional artist, he doesn’t use paint and brushes to create a picture, nor does he sculpt, his “actual” creations don’t last forever but the photographs do.  And while they may look to be computer generated, or just touched up via the means of a computer, they are not.  What David does is paints with coloured torches whilst a camera is set to a very long exposure to catch all the light movement into a still frame.  These images were all created in Guernsey and make us look at the place in a whole new way, enhancing what is there and adding more into it. 

 The way these pictures are produced is really clever, yet so simple and the images produced are a bit psychedelic, trippy, other worldly and so, so pretty.  When you question how art is produced, and you take some time to ponder over the created image, really looking at it then this is art.  I think you will agree…

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