Maurizio Cattelan, Looking down, flipping off and useless?

I looked at Maurizio Cattelan’s work as part of photography research for a project in my first module on this course.  Maurizio’s work engages a sense of fun and humour in the viewer/audience.  In his work, mini me, Maurizio has painstakingly recreated a tiny, doll sized, image of himself, complete with clothing and placed it in different locations to photograph, mainly on shelves looking down.  This could be interpreted as a comment on feeling like “being left on the shelf” and not being good enough, personally I see it as being able to be in a position to look down on the world and become an observer to others lives. 

Middle finger Salute (or L.O.V.E) caused controversy as it was unveiled just a short way from the Italian Stock Exchange.  It caused so much of a stir that it was removed after just 7 days.  However, although many believed that Maurizio was “flicking the finger” at the financial world, the fact that it points away from the building and back towards us means that it couldn’t be.  In fact, the way I have interpreted this sculpture is that Maurizio is actually giving us the “finger”.  Is he speaking out for the financial world that has taken so much criticism from us in the past few years and has been blamed for the worlds “economic crisis”?  And perhaps with that question, is he blaming us for our own downfall?

And I have included a picture of Elevators, these are so tiny that they are useless in our world but have been created to be fully functioning.  I like Maurizio’s attention to detail and thought that this summed it up perfectly.


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