Jose Agatep (of


I was given the title of my final project (Curiosity Box) and through some research into ideas that I had for my final piece stumbled upon the works by Jose Agatep.  I know that perhaps this is not “conventional art” but I really like them.  I love the way that different containers are used, not the kind you would straight away think of for bottle gardens, and the way that the greenery is chosen to fill the space either echoing or complementing the shape of the container in which it has been placed.  The way in which little landscapes have been created is breathtaking, and almost dream like.  Some of the works seem to defy gravity, others are reminiscent of windswept moors, but all promote a sense of wonder and also calm.  I love the un-expected-ness of the works.  You can check out other works by Jose on the website above.

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